HDZDGT32 Hart & Neenan - Everything You Do EP + James Saunders remix

To end this year on a high note, we're happy to receive the talented duo from London: Hart & Neenan. They're back on the label with three heavyweighted and dynamic productions ready for the dancefloors.
On the remix , the young but gifted James Saunders added his touch to Gem De Luxe.

  1. Hart & Neenan - Gravitate
  2. Hart & Neenan - Everything You Do
  3. Hart & Neenan - Gem De Luxe
  4. Hart & Neenan - Gem De Luxe (James Saunders remix)

HDZDGT31 MADVILLA - Gully EP + Charlie Banks remix

Born in Southern California, now living in London, Madvilla has quickly made himself a name by releasing in a short time on the most respected labels of the scene. With his ghetto and UK bass influenced house music, you will quickly understand the craze around his music with this superb 'Gully' EP.
On the remix, the very talented Charlie Banks has perfectly reworked in his own way the track 'Dunno Me'

  1. MADVILLA - Dunno Me
  2. MADVILLA - Gully
  3. MADVILLA - Champ
  4. MADVILLA - Dunno Me (Charlie Banks remix)

HDZDGT30 Sidney Charles - Excuse My French EP + WLAD remix

We're delighted to receive the great Sidney Charles for a full EP. His sense of groove and his catchy riffs will blow your mind. There is no doubt that 'Excuse My French' EP will be heard this summer on your favorite dancefloor.
On the remix, we couldn't resist letting our label head, WLAD, do his magic on 'Singularity'.

  1. Sidney Charles - Snary Business
  2. Sidney Charles - Singularity
  3. Sidney Charles - Excuse My French
  4. Sidney Charles - Singularity (WLAD remix)

HDZDGT29 V.A Collection VI

For this sixth Various Artists release we collected tracks from the talented producers Robin Rafa, Artmann, James Cole, Ky William & Jeff Sorkowitz, PANA, U-FO.

  1. Robin Rafa - To The Beat
  2. Artmann - Take Away
  3. James Cole - Wait A Minute
  4. Ky William & Jeff Sorkowitz - Alterego
  5. PANA - Calypha
  6. U-FO - Down

HDZDGT28 Mihai Popoviciu - Feelin' EP + Luca Donzelli remix

We're honored to receive for a full EP the romanian master Mihai Popoviciu. Throughout the EP, he makes us travel in his universe made of groovy beats, warm pads and musical emotions. It's so classy!
On the remix, we host for the first time the excellent Luca Donzelli, resident dj at Pyramid parties at Amnesia, he successfully pushed 'Feelin' to a more techy level by adding his organic and modular elements.

  1. Mihai Popoviciu - Feelin'
  2. Mihai Popoviciu - Polaris
  3. Mihai Popoviciu - Waiting For Spring
  4. Mihai Popoviciu - Feelin' (Luca Donzelli remix)

HDZDGT27 DJ Steaw - Luv EP + Aron Volta remix

For the second time on the label, we're honored to host the french House legend DJ Steaw with three raw heavy cuts only him holds the secret of.
On the remix, the dutch Aron Volta added his deep and soulful touch to 'Knockout'.

  1. DJ Steaw - Luv
  2. DJ Steaw - Knockout
  3. DJ Steaw - Vortex
  4. DJ Steaw - Knockout ( Aron Volta remix)


Our label head WLAD is pleased to present his debut album CALL LAB. This culmination of a years worth of project and work, brings together 10 tracks and as many collaborations with renowned artists such as Oden & Fatzo, DeMarzo, Jesse Maas, Mancini, The Willers Brothers, Santé, Kong, LondonGround, Capeesh Society, Damien Badey.
This is a broad and brilliant collection of tasteful and club ready house cuts that explore plenty of fascinating different styles.

  1. Oden & Fatzo & WLAD - Moulin Rouge
  2. DeMarzo & WLAD - Sketchy
  3. Jesse Maas & WLAD - The Future
  4. Mancini & WLAD - Sparkling Water
  5. The Willers Brothers & WLAD - Lova Droppa
  6. Santé & WLAD - Odyssey
  7. KONG & WLAD - Family Affair
  8. LondonGround & WLAD - Sunset Boulevard
  9. Capeesh Society & WLAD - Causeless Calls
  10. Damien Badey & WLAD - Secret Story

HDZDGT25 Parsec & Tom Spark - Dazed EP + Artmann remix

This EP is the perfect example of a successful collaboration project. The two talented UK producers Parsec and Tom Spark combined their skills to provide us three impressive and inspired tracks.
On the remix, The Dutch sensation Artmann is showing us what he's capable of... and we like it!

  1. Parsec & Tom Spark - Dazed
  2. Parsec & Tom Spark - Crowded
  3. Parsec & Tom Spark - Subtext
  4. Parsec & Tom Spark - Crowded (Artmann remix)

HDZDGT24 Niko Maxen - Caral EP + Josh Baker remix

Let's start this new year in style with 'Caral' EP from Niko Maxen. He's combining three qualitative tracks from club to mental with his unique sense for the groove and melodies. On the remix, the UK talent Josh Baker succeeded to add his 90's vibe on 'Caral'

  1. Niko Maxen - Caral
  2. Niko Maxen - Taxila
  3. Niko Maxen - Babylon
  4. Niko Maxen - Caral (Josh Baker remix)