From Paris, France, Mancini has always been attracted by music. First inspired by Rock, he started playing guitar in a band, and then slowly discovered electronic music at the end of the 90's. The idea of playing his own music selection and making people dance was dangerously growing in his mind! In 2001, a meeting on a beach will convince him to buy his turntables. Through the years, his style matured. Gimmick, sensibility but mostly rhythms define the best his House music vision! His dj sets are a spontaneous mixture of grooves fuelled by his crowd’s reaction. He has played alongside famous djs as Jamie Jones, Dyed Soundorom, Miss Kittin, Archie Hamilton, iO Mulen, Cab Drivers, Diego Krause, Robert Owens, Losoul... In september 2016, in a desire of pure freedom, he decided to launch his own vinyl label simply named “Mancini”. Handstamped and limited releases, its have reached the first places on the vinyls charts of Deejay, Decks shops several times and been played by the likes of Apollonia, Enzo Siragusa, Archie Hamilton, Seb Zito, Ferro, Djebali, Chris Carrier... He is now managing and promoting with Wlad the vinyl and digital label hedZup records, that is knowing a great ascension in the Minimal House world. The best is yet to come!