HDZ13 WLAD/Mancini EP + Vitess and NTFO remixes

For this 13th HDZ release, our boys WLAD and Mancini invited the french producer Vitess and the romanian duo NTFO to remix their tracks Star System and Don't Know

  • A1 WLAD - Star System
  • A2 WLAD - Star System (Vitess remix)
  • B1 Mancini - Don't Know
  • B2 Mancini - Don't Know (NTFO remix)

HDZ12 V.A Swoy, Alex Ranerro, Silat Beksi, Philipp Lichtblau

Limited colored vinyl. Various artists release with Swoy, Alex Ranerro, Silat Beksi, Philipp Lichtblau.

  • A1 Swoy - Conversely
  • A2 Alex Ranerro - Terrace
  • B1 Silat Beksi - Speak
  • B2 Philipp Lichtblau - Merodrom

HDZ11 Mancini/WLAD EP + Sepp and Youandewan remixes

Limited colored vinyl with owners Mancini and WLAD + heavy remixes by Sepp and Youandewan

preorder your copy: hedzuprec.fanlink.to/HDZ11

  • A1 Mancini – A Merman
  • A2 Mancini – A Merman (Sepp remix)
  • B1 WLAD - Lotus
  • B2 WLAD – Lotus (Youandewan remix)

HDZ 10 V.A 5 Years Anniversary

Words are not enough to describe the joy and pride of how blessed we feel right now! It's with a great emotion that we introduce you our 5 years anniversary compilation where our homeboys WLAD and Mancini are surrounded by the excellents AlexkidArapuDJOKOJorge SavorettiJosh BakerNiko MaxenRossi. and The Willers Brothers It's coming in a special pack including the double colored vinyl + a collector holographic stickers!

  • A1 DJOKO & WLAD - Superformer
  • A2 Josh Baker - Satisfactory Screen
  • B1 Arapu - Filtering
  • B2 Alexkid & Diego Krause - Memento
  • C1 Jorge Savoretti & Mancini - True That
  • C2 Niko Maxen - Barboza
  • D1 Rossi. - Khimbo
  • D2 The Willers Brothers - Smoked Salmon

HDZ09 WLAD, Mancini - Shifumi/Furbished EP + iO Mulen and Djebali remixes

In case you didn't know, hedZup does it all - it is a vinyl and digital label based in the French capital, which is also where the founders WLAD and Mancini host their own parties. They deal in well regarded minimal sounds and pair up once more for the fifth EP on their own imprint. There's plenty to get excited about, too, with punchy acid house opening up before an iO (Mulen) remix sinks the track into more smooth and supple deep tech realms. House rarely gets as slippery and funky as 'Furbished' on the flip, while long time French house icon Djebali adds his usual jazzy depths to the remix.

  • A1 WLAD - Shifumi
  • A2 WLAD - Shifumi (iO Mulen remix)
  • B1 Mancini - Furbished
  • B2 Mancini - Furbished (Djebali remix)

HDZ08 V.A Michael James & Nolga, Rowlanz, Phreaks Of Visions, Alessio Viggiano

Limited 300 colored copies ... NO REPRESS. Various Artists release with Michael James & Nolga, Rowlanz, Phreaks Of Visions, Alessio Viggiano

  • A1 Michael James & Nolga - Dilemma
  • A2 Rowlanz - Life Story
  • B1 Phreaks Of Visions - Distant City
  • B2 Alessio Viggiano - Romantic Bells

HDZ07 Mancini, WLAD EP - Visit Me/Alaina + Fabe and Ray Mono remixes

Limited 300 colored copies ... NO REPRESS. Mancini with his track Visit Me is remixed by Fabe. WLAD with his track Alaina is remixed by Ray Mono

  • A1 Mancini - Visit Me
  • A2 Mancini - Visit Me (Fabe remix)
  • B1 WLAD - Alaina
  • B2 WLAD - Alaina (Ray Mono remix)

HDZ06 V.A Nick Beringer, Justin Pak, Chris Stussy & Toman, Mara Lakour

Bomb Various Artists release. Limited 300 colored copies. Various Artists releases with Nick Beringer, Justin Pak, Chris Stussy & Toman, Mara Lakour

  • A1 Nick Beringer - Maglev
  • A2 Justin Pak - Howler
  • B1 Chris Stussy & Toman - Ardent
  • B2 Mara Lakour - Labyrinth

HDZ05 WLAD, Mancini - Rebounds/Walnut Groove EP + Chris Stussy and Diego Krause remixes

300 Limited copies....NO REPRESS. Mancini with his track Rebounds is remixed by Chris Stussy. WLAD with his track Walnut Groove is remixed by Diego Krause

  • A1 WLAD - Walnut Groove
  • A2 WLAD - Walnut Groove (Diego Krause remix)
  • B1 Mancini - Rebounds
  • B2 Mancini - Rebounds (Chris Stussy remix)

HDZ04 V.A Tuccillo, Rich NxT, Lee Burton, Josh Baker & Ryan Murray

300 Limited copies...NO REPRESS. Various Artists release with Rich NxT, Lee Burton, Tuccillo, Josh Baker & Ryan Murray. Early support by D'julz, Steaw, Michael James, Janeret, Jack Wickham, TIJN...

  • A1 Rich NxT - Come Alive
  • A2 Lee Burton - Cultam Ferry
  • B1 Tuccillo - Lemon Jacket
  • B2 Josh Baker & Ryan Murray - Down The Break

HDZ03 Mancini, WLAD - Jijijaja/Camel Toe EP + remixes by Cab Drivers and Swoy

For the label's latest 12", hedZup has offered crewmembers Mancini and WLAD a side each on which to showcase their wares. Mancini steps up first, laying down the becalmed bounce of Jijijaja. This is classic late night fare that sits somewhere between European tech-house and Chez Damier style U.S deep house. Cab Drivers provides the remix, beefing up the beats and bass on a slightly more driving but no less melodious interpretation. WLAD takes over on side B, offering more metallic sounding percussion and some pleasingly wavy riffs on tech house/deep house fusion cut Camel Toe. With its' loose, bustling percussion and booming bassline, Swoy's remix sits somewhere between DJ Sneak and Rob Mello.

  • A1 Mancini - Jijijaja
  • A2 Mancini - Jijijaja (Cab Drivers remix)
  • B1 WLAD - Camel Toe
  • B2 WLAD - Camel Toe (Swoy remix)

HDZ02 Carlos Sanchez ft WLAD & Badey - Strong EP + remixes

For this second release, the hedZup crew invite the hot and prolific producer Carlos Sanchez in collab with WLAD and Damien Badey for an hypnotic groove named Strong. Two solid remixes on this release - Politics Of Dancing pushed the track to a higher level of efficiency and John Jastszebski applied his raw techno touch. As an extra tool, the 2 heads thinking from hedzup, WLAD and Mancini for their first collab created an aerian and groovy track -12th-.-

  • A1 Carlos Sanchez, WLAD, Badey - Strong
  • A2 Carlos Sanchez, WLAD, Badey - Strong (John Jastszebski remix)
  • B1 Carlos Sanchez, WLAD, Badey - Strong (Politics Of Dancing remix)
  • B2 WLAD & Mancini - 12th

HDZ01 WLAD & Damien Badey feat Hector Moralez - Big City Light EP + remixes

hedZup records releases for its first EP a Bomb 4 tracker, from underground house guys, with WLAD and Badey and a dope featuring American Hector Moralez and remixes from Julien Sandre and Juliche Hernandez. Big City Lights is a powerful pumping bass action, with a serious groove as you need for your dancefloor. The Business Night is a peak time killer house banger with building drums to blow your mind. Then two Mediterrenean remixes, one definitely funky as Julien Sandre knows the recipe and one with the great beats and sexy bassline that are the keys to the hypnotic remixes of Juliche Hernandez. This EP makes a perfect combination to kill the dancefloor at anytime.

  • A1 WLAD & Badey feat Hector Moralez - Big City Lights
  • A2 WLAD & Badey - Business Night
  • B1 WLAD & Badey feat Hector Moralez - Big City Lights (Julien Sandre remix)
  • B2 WLAD & Badey feat Hector Moralez - Big City Lights (Juliche Hernandez remix)